Dare2Tri - To Swim Wetsuit (Women's)

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The Dare2Tri to Swim - Our specially designed wetsuit with high stretch shoulders.

The Dare2Tri to Swim is packed with features specifically designed to provide a great wetsuit for freestyle swimming and improve and ease breast stroke swimming. Using high quality neoprene and specially constructed high stretch shoulders, arms and less buoyant lower body panels provides enhance breast stroke body positioning. The smooth skin surface coating improves hydrodynamics without compromising on comfort.


 - 2.0 mm under arm and 2.5 mm arm construction

- 1.5 mm Calf and Kneepit panels

- 39 Cell Neoprene

- Smooth Skin Surface coating

 - Uniquely neck closure

- YKK Stainless Steel bottom-up runner zipper



A 4-way stretch nylon that is not only soft but very durable is used for the under arm construction. The shoulders and arms are made of a 2.5 mm thick smooth skin neoprene giving the swimmer improved 360° rotation of the arm and allowing the swimmer to reach further with less effort. This benefit is multiplied as it reduces upper body fatigue over longer distances.


The thinner panels provide more flexibility and freedom during the kick and the lower buoyancy improve the body positioning for the breast stroke.

 COLLAR: 2.0 mm

The collar is designed to minimize water ingress.  Made of a single layer which can be cut with scissors to your personal perfect fit if needed, the collar provides no chafing.


 The velcro closure on the rear is reversed so in the event the suit is closed incorrectly, only the soft material touches the skin.

 YKK ZIPPER (Men's Suit)

The world’s #1 zipper brand is utilized with a stainless steel runner. The zipper runs in a bottom-up configuration. 

 LOWER YKK ZIPPER (Women's Suit)

The world’s #1 zipper brand is utilized with a stainless steel runner. The zipper runs in a bottom-up configuration and is 5 cm longer and sits lower on the back. This eases and speeds up sliding the suit around the hips.

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