CB Fit

Looking for kit, made specifically for your body.

Welcome to CB Fit.  Where we tailor our core kit to your body based on your individual measurements.
(taking custom to a whole new level)
CB Fit delivers your specific measurements to our design team, who develop the manufacturing brief for a kit that will be made just for you.  
No mass production, No one size fits all, Made for YOU
Sounds like this is exactly what you need. We make it easy.
Lets go!
  • Complete the below form with measurements (we suggest getting some help with your measurements so they are as accurate as possible)
  • Our design team will complete the manufacturing brief.
  • You will receive an invoice for your order (nothing to pay until this stage)
  • Your kit, will be manufactured and shipped to our office, where our design team will check measurements against the brief, and all going well (as it usually does) will then get it on the way to you.

Then its ride time.  Just you and your kit